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Eliminate Revenue Leakages via a Complete RCM Solution

We believe in technology-driven revenue cycle management solutions that align with the latest industry practices. Our HIPAA-complaint and cost-effective services result in an effortless practice management system, which we stand for!

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Credentialing Services

Validate your medical competency from authenticated sources for a smooth enrollment process.

Seamless ACO Reporting

Optimize your practice workflow and meet your performance benchmarks for CMS reporting.

Medical Billing Audit

Ensure accuracy and efficiency by rectifying the problematic areas and improve the collection rate.

AR Management

Never let any claim go to waste with faster data submission, timely denial management & follow-up.

Medical Billing & Coding

Expand Your Practice Financial Efficiency

Covering more than 40 medical specialties, p3healthcaresolutions offers reliable, accurate, and HIPAA-compliant billing solutions.

  • Automate the billing and coding process via the latest tools
  • Achieve a high claim acceptance rate via errors-free billing
Reduced Administrative Load

Get an expert team to take care to streamline your billing workflow.

Timely Claim Submission

Timely send clean claims to payers and improve your reimbursements.

Efficient Claim Scrubbing

Ensure accuracy of your information and rectify errors to avoid denials.

Awards & Accolades


We are a MIPS Qualified Registry for five years now!

Our hundreds of satisfied clients trust us for their improved RCM via efficient billing and QPP MIPS reporting solutions.

We take on every challenge and plan strategically to improve physicians' productivity and financial situation. Incentives

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A Little Insight into Our Company

Why Choose P3 Healthcare Solutions?

Our experienced resources confirm secure data transmission as per the industry standards. We take care of your finances with advanced infrastructure to provide highly accurate & quality services.

  • Get customized solutions as per your practice’s scale
  • Get budget-friendly billing with round the clock support

QPP MIPS Reporting Services

Get Incentives against Value-Based Services

A MIPS Qualified Registry that understands the core operations of your medical specialty is a blessing. Whether you’re an individual, group, or virtual group, our MIPS consultant offers you control over the data submission for maximum score.

  • Report specialty-specific MIPS Quality Measures
  • Stay updated with the CMS reporting requirements
  • Avoid penalty and receive payment adjustments
Secure Penalty-Less Spot

Our packages guarantee a penalty-less spot with neutral payment adjustments.

Target MIPS Incentives

Secure MIPS performance threshold for your medical practice and earn rewards.

Qualify for $500 Million Pool

Exceed exceptional performance threshold by accurate MIPS reporting & improve RCM.

Value-Added Services

Simplify Your Billing with Our All-in-1 Solution

A reliable billing and coding company is all a practice needs in order to grow exponentially. We know physicians do not have time to deal with the paperwork, and they can't keep an eye on the reporting requirements all the time. That’s why we are here! We will help you:

  • Rectify faulty methods that result in the claim denials
  • Implement an updated RCM system for high collections
Cater to All Specialties

P3 Healthcare covers all healthcare specialties and offers suitable billing solutions.

Keep Track of Performance

Improvise your financial strategies based on data gathered from medical audits.

Ultimate Health IT Solution

Streamline your practice cash flow and remove bottlenecks for consistent productivity.

Optimize Your Reimbursements. Adopt Industry Leading Practices

Leave Your Administrative Duties to P3 Healthcare Solutions